When Japan Blushes


In our last issue, Molly Arnthal gave us a glimpse into Japan as a country having some of the most distinct seasons one can hope to see. Imagery of the kind of Autumn that one can only imagine written about in prose, or scored in a Merchant Ivory film. Here, she brings us her latest instalment of dreamy scenery of the kind Japan is most visually synonymous with; cherry blossom. Every year people travel from all over to witness the landscape as it flushes pink, and blooms with the first signs of spring. Festivals are held amongst the blossoming trees, and memories are made in the set knowledge that the experience is finite and must be taken advantage of. You see, its about far more than the beauty of the moment. There are years of tradition and ceremony entwined in this seasonal burst carrying momentum of beginnings and new life. As our own spring draws to a close, drift through this trip to Kyoto and Osaka, and the sense of renewal it holds. 


Photography: Molly Arnthal


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