issue 4 / capri


Capri (40.5532° N, 14.2222° E) is an island on Southern Italy's Amalfi Coast, and an idea. From a varied and elusive etymology, Capri has been said to take its name from the Latin caprae, meaning "she-goat", and/or the Etruscan capra, referring to a burial place.

“Why Don’t You… order Schiaparelli’s cellophane belt with your name and telephone number on it?”

- Diana Vreeland

A Taste for Danger - Beyond the Pleasure Principle

Ophelia Cai explores the taste and cultural imaginings of bitterness.

The Real Emancipation of Mimi

Sebastian Andersson looks at the late-nineties liberation of Mariah Carey.



< Cosima Stewart reads Isaac Bashevis Singer's 'Alone'

"Many times in the past, I have wished the impossible to happen. And then it happened."


When Japan Blushes

Festivals are held among the blossoming trees, and memories are made in the set knowledge that the experience is finite.

-  Photography by Molly Arnthal


/ De Mar Salada

- Photography by Elena Kendall


We've seen too much

On cultural over-saturation from 2000 onwards.

- Nicholas Hayden

The Hidden Story of Capricorn

or, how the sea-goat lost its tail

Octavia Sheepshanks

J. Austen dissects the symbolic disruption of mother-daughter relationships in fairytale narratives.  

a meeting of two or more whale ships

a poem by Katharina Joy Book


Capri ~ into grotto azzurra

- Photography by Rita G. Cheng 

The Face of Brigitte Bardot

Drawing on Le Mépris and Roland Barthes, Bridget Dalton explores the cultural constructions and significance of Brigitte Bardot in the age of #metoo.