Sebastian Henrik Mauritz Andersson

"Public Relations" / fun, blonde and efficient



Cassidy McKenna is an aid worker / writer / daughter who lives between Mexico, France and the UK and finds transatlantic flights excruciating. She has spent the last eight months in Greece, where she was involved with a number of refugee relief projects. She likes not eating animals, Ru Paul’s Drag Race, and books written by women.


Maurice Loach

film and photo artist, london 


Katharina Joy Book

My work is situated within the fields of extended choreography and performative writing, and shaped by conceptual writing and visual poetry. Recent performance work includes 'koordinat, substitution, etc.' 


Miranda Chance

Artist, writer, model;  Research Assistant at Waddington Custot. 

Octavia Sheepshanks

Octavia is a student of cultural astrology and an (as yet) amateur astrologer. Behind her ascendant in Cancer, and moon in Leo, hide no less than six planets in Capricorn.


Lukas Slothuus

Political theory PhD student/scrounger. Critical theory aficionado/dilettante. Unapologetically far left/“violent anarchist” (Daily Mail). Cosmopolitanised country boy/class traitor. Electronic music connoisseur/snob.


Eilidh Page Morrissey

multi-disciplinary artist based in Glasgow / the world wide web



Cosima Stewart

Art Researcher, Writer, London-based. Likes Europe, italodisco and modern art.


Nicholas Hayden / editor, writer, co-founder

Sam Clarke  Photographer @selc91


Filippa Ronquist

Philosopher and hedonist, abstracting and theorising from desk in the city. Planning escape.


Isabelle Hanson

Works in the arts, and is currently based in London. Happiest when outside exploring.

Xenia Levina is a figurative artist, specialising in oil painting. Levina studied History of Art for BA at the University of Oxford and developed her artistic practice through apprenticeships to artists. In her work, Levina examines the essence of the scene depicted, focusing on its human resonance.

For full CV and works please see Levina’s website.


Rita G. Cheng [成果攝影]

Rita is a London-based independent photographer. | she also wants 2 cats


Katerine Niedinger /

Chloe Schneider

Millennial. Driven but can’t drive. Aesthete dreams of being an artist. Full-time semiotician and cultural analyst.


^ Esme Alder


Bridget Dalton

London, Semiotician- wrote her doctoral thesis on Kindness in modernist poetry and tries to throw queer dance parties whenever poss; intersectional feminist and sensitive reader.


Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 17.53.10.png

Jago Rackham is muddling along, trying to write and live well. Find his exploits @toad_prince_jago and his odd cooking @ecstasy_cookbook.

< Michelle Fan is a cultural strategist and filmmaker living in London. Her BTS bias is RM; her bias wreckers are Jimin and Jungkook. 


Ophelia Cai 

Pours sake for a living.

Keeps face masks and chilli sauce in her fridge.

Makes good tea, for favours rendered.

ig: fi_lechat

^ Molly Arnthal

Clara van Wel

Clara is a 20-year old singer-songwriter from New Zealand, and a finalist studying English Literature at the University of Cambridge. You will probably find her climbing hills and wishing they were mountains, but if that fails, you can always listen to her Soundcloud: 


Elena Kendall-Aranda is a French, Spanish and American photographer, born in 1991. Currently based in Madrid, she obtained her BFA from NYU, and her Masters at Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne. Her work has been shown at the Venice Biennale, the Calumet Gallery in New York and other venues in London, Madrid, Arles and several American cities. She recently has been featured in DigiMag, Curating the Contemporary, and Musée Magazine among others.



Jo Austen

Artist, printmaker and writer (of stories, when not working on recipe book). 


Andy Burgess is a London-born artist living in the American Southwest. A compulsive image-maker who paints, draws, prints, makes collages and takes photos.  A lover of architecture, colour, modernism, people-watching, vintage signs and all things analogue. |

ig @andyartist100