i wait for you, soul of my soul

amidst a proliferation

a whole aisle of wrinkled skin and

sweetness within

i don’t yet know that you will come

in that moment i am alive

full to the brim with thirst

mulberries picked

recklessly stained flesh, faded petal-whorls

crushed fingertips and manuscripts,

words cupped, held, kissed

a promise writ in lapis




broken silence

breath snatching the throat

both buried and running

i see no reason

you, slicked shirt

shins gleaming, too proud to open

the same jagged refrain

suggestions inked in darkness


twoness hangs like damocles

suspended, cutting

we snip at each other

trimming edges

the tape spools, scree falls

a rope of kelp

wrapped and tangled

inseparable and alone




later on,

a coffee shop

we sit at a window

watching the light

down the road

sipping each last

milky drop

i feel your voice

against my skin

and fear my heart might stop.




i tell you softly

the truest truth.


oh, my heart

my heart.




- Esme Alder